If Not News, What?
Journalism School
Undergraduate research from J4950
Solving Practical Problems
Spring 2008

The other side of journalism

Practical research into a professional challenge

Solving Practical Problems
is a "Missouri Method" class that combines academics with practical journalism skills. The undergraduate research class teaches news students methodologies they can use throughout their careers.

For the Spring Semester 2008, 31 students were presented with a quandry:  News is the primary "draw" of the news media, but readership is down. So what other content appeals to the public?

Six teams divided the challenge into categories.  Each team looked at what others had said about the issue (secondary research), conducted in-depth interviews (qualitative research) and conducted an Internet-based survey (quantitative research).

They reported their findings in 10-minute videos. Written summaries of their reports are also linked for download.

For further information on the class or the research, contact:

Clyde Bentley, Ph.D.
3 Neff Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

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Journalism's Future

Convergence and Critical Thinking are Standard Equipment

Associate Professor Clyde Bentley explains the project


How do the media help us get together?
Written Summary


Are we just playing around or do they add value to the media?
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How does he media help us decide how to define ourselves
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Gettin the readers' interest through their pocketbooks
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How do you like to see life?  Photos? Videos? Graphics?
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The eyes are on the stars, the books and the fun
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